Findom is a notorious fetish, it's being looked down on by many but if done well, it is a beautiful power dynamic. Money equals power, so for the sub to give that up, to me that is true submission. For me it's simple, I don't need your money but I want your money for that extra luxury. 


But, as I said. It must be done well, this means good communication between the Domme and sub. Make sure both parties have the same expectations, are honest with each other and keep on communicating with each other. 


Any dynamics involving money will be different, I offer different ways to offer me your money. If you're new and want to dip your toes in, you can start by sending me on wishtender, or start with a small drain. 


I offer the following:

  • Cashmeet of cashdrop - Minimum deposit of €50
  • RT game op twitter - Minimum deposit of €50
  • Online drains on skype or through voice messages - Minimum deposit of €50
  • online Femdomopoly game - Minimum deposit of €50
  • budget control
  • Debt contract 
  • TPE contract na het opbouwen van fijn contact. 

Surrender yourself and your wallet to Me and discover freedom within submission